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Unlock the full potential of your intellectual property with our comprehensive transactions services. At Reel, we focus on guiding small and emerging businesses through strategic IP licensing, transfers, and negotiations, helping you maximize the value of your creative and innovative assets.

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Representative Services Include
Due Diligence
IP Asset Valuation
IP Asset Transfer
IP Portfolio Management
Regulatory Compliance
Trademark Prosecution
Licensing & Technology Transfer
IP Litigation Support
Employee IP Agreements
Post-Closing Branding & Trademark Strategy

Conducting comprehensive due diligence to assess the target company's IP assets, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and licenses. This involves reviewing relevant agreements, registrations, and litigation records.

Assessing the value of the target company's IP assets to determine their worth and potential for generating future revenue. This can involve evaluating the strength of patents, brand recognition, market position, and licensing opportunities.

Assisting with the transfer of IP assets from the target company to the acquiring company. This may involve drafting and negotiating agreements, such as assignment agreements, license agreements, and technology transfer agreements.

Advising on strategies to manage and protect the combined company's IP portfolio, including portfolio rationalization, licensing, and enforcement strategies. This may also involve identifying potential risks and opportunities associated with the merged IP assets.

Ensuring compliance with applicable IP laws and regulations during the merger or acquisition process. This can include assessing any licensing or regulatory requirements for specific industries or jurisdictions.

Assisting with the filing, prosecution, and maintenance of trademarks for the merged entity. This may involve drafting applications, responding to office actions, and managing trademark registrations.

Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating IP licenses, technology transfer agreements, and other agreements related to the use or transfer of IP assets between the merging entities.

Providing guidance and support in IP-related litigation matters that may arise during or after the merger or acquisition. This can include infringement analysis, enforcement actions, and defense strategies.

Reviewing and revising employee agreements to ensure the protection and ownership of IP rights for employees of the merged entity.

Developing a cohesive branding and trademark strategy for the merged entity, including assessing potential conflicts, securing new trademarks, and managing brand protection.

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