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At Reel, we understand the unique challenges faced by small businesses in protecting their creative works. 


We offer tailored and practical copyright law services to address those needs. From copyright registration and infringement monitoring to drafting licensing agreements and handling disputes, we provide comprehensive legal guidance and support to help small businesses safeguard their intellectual property and navigate the complex landscape of copyright law.


Reel's experienced attorneys are dedicated to protecting your creative assets and maximizing the value of your copyrighted materials in a rapidly evolving digital world.

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Representative Services Include
Copyright Registration
Copyright Infringement Protection
Copyright Licensing
Copyright Enforcement
Fair Use Analysis
Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Compliance
Copyright Audits
Copyright Counseling and Education
Intellectual Property Due Diligence
International Copyright Protection

Assisting you with the registration process to establish legal ownership and secure copyright protection for creative works, such as literary works, music, art, software, and more.

Using a combination of state of the art technology and artificial intelligence, we work with brands to identify and address instances of copyright infringement, including sending cease-and-desist letters, negotiating settlements, and pursuing legal action if necessary.

Strategic advising and counsel on licensing agreements, drafting and negotiating contracts that grant permission for the authorized use of copyrighted materials while protecting the owner's rights.

Taking legal action to enforce copyright rights, including filing lawsuits against infringers, seeking injunctions, and pursuing damages for infringement.

Conducting fair use evaluations to determine if copyrighted material can be used without permission under specific circumstances, providing guidance on compliance with fair use provisions.

Assisting with DMCA takedown notices and addressing online copyright infringement issues, including unauthorized use of content on websites, social media platforms, and digital platforms.

Conducting thorough reviews of a business's intellectual property assets to assess copyright compliance, identify potential risks, and develop strategies to protect and monetize copyrighted works.

Providing guidance and educational resources to help small businesses understand copyright laws, navigate licensing agreements, and develop copyright policies and best practices.

Conducting comprehensive IP audits and due diligence investigations to assess the copyright status of assets during mergers, acquisitions, or business transactions.

Assisting with international copyright registration and enforcement, including navigating copyright laws in different jurisdictions and coordinating with foreign counsel if necessary.

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