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Looking for a refreshing alternative to the traditional law firm? The Reel Law Firm LLC is looking for talented go-getters who are innovative, solution focused and cool with being on the cutting edge of legal representation. The Reel Law Firm LLC is an equal opportunity employer.

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OF COUNSEL - Business Lawyer

OF COUNSEL - Business Immigration Lawyer

OF COUNSEL - M&A Lawyer 

OF COUNSEL - Securities Lawyer

OF COUNSEL - Commercial Litigation Lawyer 

OF COUNSEL - Employment Lawyer 

Is The Reel Law Firm Right For You?

If you are the type who enjoys the opportunity to work remotely, a fast-paced and fun environment, training on your "legal lane" and on how to generate your own book of business, then The Reel Law Firm might be a good fit for you.


All of our Of Counsel positions are subject to a tiered commission-based compensation structure that is both creative and motivating for attorneys who join the team. We provide you with all of the resources you would need to get the job done–in essence providing you with a business-in-a-box without the overhead. Our compensation structure provides the incentive for you to go out, make new friends and connections and serve the small business community in an impactful way. 

Please put "Of Counsel [POSITION TYPE]" in the subject line. Also, don't sweat the resume just yet. We'll reach out to grab it.

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