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"A brand without presence is a brand without progress."

Brand equity and loyalty is tied directly to your market position. You work tirelessly to develop a brand loved by your customers. The last thing you want is a competitor upending that accomplishment. This is entirely possible if you don't take steps toward protecting it.

We will help you Button Up Your Brand, by building out a sophisticated yet manageable IP portfolio, including your trademarks for your brand name, logo and slogan. 

When might you need this service? 

  • If you are starting a new business or product line. 

  • If you are a current business with a growing customer base.

  • If you are a current business who is considering a re-brand or re-design. 

  • If you are in talks about partnering with a third party (vendor, strategic partner, joint venturer, etc.) 

Our clients are big and small businesses alike. Trust our business lawyers to help you with your business's legal needs. 

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