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"As a real estate investor, you have the opportunity to live your dream life and allow someone else to live theirs." 

There are unique challenges and opportunities embedded into the real estate investor space. By ensuring that you're in the know regarding your real estate investment endeavors you can better insulate yourself and your investment portfolio. 

Many real estate investors use outside capital to fund their portfolios. Whether its a private fund formation, hard-money loan, seller-financing or a land-contract, there are unique legal implications prevalent in each. 

When might you need this service? 

  • If you are seeking private investors to fund your real estate investment portfolio and purchasing power. 

  • If you are creating a real estate investment fund (i.e. pooled investments). 

  • If you are seeking private investors for debt, equity or convertible-debt investment vehicles to fund your projects. 

  • If you are an investor exploring the option of investing in a real estate investment fund or particular project.

  • If you are seeking a seller-financed purchase arrangement. 

  • If you are working with (or are yourself) a wholesaler. 

  • If you are purchasing rental properties. 

  • If you are purchasing fix-and-flip properties. 

  • If you want to maximize your tax benefits and legal protections as your investment portfolio grows. 

Our clients are big and small businesses alike. Trust our team of lawyers to help you with your real estate investment legal needs. 

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