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to break the glass ceiling of growth.

Increasing cash flow and available cash on hand can be the difference between a plateau and ceiling-breaking growth. This important endeavor is highly regulated and compliance with state and federal securities laws is vital to the success and closure of your capital raise. 

You Should Consider Raising Capital if:

  • You are expanding into new markets 

  • You are expanding your team 

  • You are buying another company 

  • You are seeking initial cash injections to assist in product/service expansion or refinement (i.e. You're building product version 2.0 and beyond) ​

Some of the Capital Raising Services We Provide Are: 

  • Strategic securities counsel (make sure you are qualifying for a private capital raise exemption under Federal law)

  • Restricted stock purchase agreements 

  • Investor suitability due diligence and verification (i.e. accredited vs. non-accredited investor determination) 

  • Offering document negotiation and drafting ​(e.g. private placement memoranda, subscription agreement, promissory note, stock/unit purchase agreement, etc.) 

  • Pitch deck assistance 

  • Debt, Convertible-Debt and Equity Offerings 


Our clients are big and small businesses alike. Trust our business lawyers to help you with your business's legal needs. 

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