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helping brands to strategically and securely grow.

A business' most valuable asset is its intellectual property. Our team will help protect and leverage your intellectual property to foster growth and secure sustainability. We call this endeavor  "Buttoning Up Your Brand".

You Should Button Up Your Brand® if: 

  • You have a business name, logo or slogan (i.e. Brand Identifiers) you would like to use for the entire life of your business. 

  • You want to make sure no one can use any of your Brand Identifiers without your knowledge or approval. 

  • You want to leverage the brand equity you've built by expanding into new revenue verticals (i.e. product licensing, strategic partnerships, etc.) 

  • You are expanding beyond your current geographic market either nationally or internationally. 

  • You are creating a new brand or product line and want to make sure the Brand Identifiers you use are not violating another brand's IP rights. 

Some of the intellectual property law services we offer are: 

  • Pre-application trademark due diligence.

  • Trademark Prosecution  

  • Copyright Prosecution 

  • Brand Enforcement Representation including Trademark Infringement; Copyright Infringement; Cybersquatting; Domain Name Rights; and more 

  • Trademark Application and Post-Registration Monitoring 

  • Intellectual Property Licensing 

  • Work-For-Hire and Intellectual Property Assignment of Rights

  • Strategic Counsel on Trade Secret and Confidential Information protection

Our clients are big and small businesses alike. Trust our business lawyers to help you with your business's legal needs. 

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