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The world of craft breweries and distilleries is accelerating at a rapid pace. In such a fast-paced and rapidly growing industry, there are inevitably legal pitfalls that can sneak up on you. 

When might you need our services as a craft brewery or distillery? 

  • If you are starting your brewery/distillery (suitable entity formation, TTB compliance, etc.)

  • If you are leasing equipment to make your batches come to life

  • If you are releasing a product line (marketing compliance, avoidance of using a name exposing you to trademark infringement, etc.)

  • You are hiring a team (employment contracts)

  • You are attempting to acquire a license to manufacture beer/spirits.

  • You want to make sure none of your employees/contractors can use your secret sauce (intellectual property/trade secret protections)

  • You are exploring selling your products at retail

  • You are merging with or acquiring another brewery/distillery

Our clients are big and small businesses alike. Trust our business lawyers to help you wisth your business's legal needs. 

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