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legal support for when your business needs it most. 

As a small business law firm we understand and appreciate the steps to creating a strong legal foundation for your business. Navigating the complex legal and regulatory landscape of owning a small business in the United States can be frustrating without the right team member alongside you. 

Our philosophy is that a business should never be forced to choose between growing and protecting itself. And through this philosophy and our years of experience we have crafted a systemized approach to serving your small business legal needs.

Some of the small business law services we regularly offer to our clients are:

Formation & Incorporation

With years of experience advising entrepreneurs and small business owners on advantageous incorporation, we can guide you through to selecting the right type of business structure for your goals. Incorporation is not a one-size-fits-all, so working with our business lawyers will help guide you through while you grow your business. 

Partnerships & Joint Ventures

High-level partnerships can change the trajectory of your business, for better or for worse. Working with our team of business lawyers we will provide you with pointed and easy to understand legal counsel on the risks, pitfalls, advantages and opportunities associated with a strategic partnership or joint venture. 

Corporate Governance

Each type of business structure has its own set of rules. We have experience setting up and developing a simple yet robust legal foundation for each type of entity depending on the clients goals. Work with our business lawyers and see how we can help develop the required business governance documents, systems and procedures to keep your business moving forward.  

Intellectual Property Protection

Every business has its own intellectual property. It can come in the form of trademarks (the business name, logo and slogan), copyrights (the creative components of your business), trade secrets (your business' secret sauce) and patents. We regularly work with our small business clients to find and protect their intellectual property so they can continue to grow with confidence. 

Raising Capital

Raising capital to fund your business comes with a whole lot of red tape. We regularly counsel our clients on the obstacles they must get over to legally raise money to fund their business. Whether it is a cash-for-equity deal, convertible debt, or otherwise, we have the experience to help you stay legally compliant with the myriad state and federal regulations that surround raising capital. 

Business Services: Services
Business Services: Services
Advertising Law

As your business grows you will likely explore different marketing and advertising channels. With each new channel comes new rules and regulations which you must abide by to avoid both private-individual claims and public-entity (i.e. government) claims. Work with our team of business lawyers to navigate through the complex advertising laws that govern your new campaign. 

General Business Matters

Commercial transactions, employment and independent contractor agreements, terms of service, privacy policies, vendor agreements and others are matters we regularly provide to our small business clients. Work with our team of experienced business lawyers to help draft, negotiate and execute on contracts for your small business. 

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