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to help your small business negotiate and strategically succeed in the new fast-paced business world.

We deliver in-depth knowledge and understanding of commercial contracts through robust and highly-tailored agreements that match your business' strategic goals. 

Our team is regularly sought after to scrutinize, review , and negotiate contracts and proposals, draft simple and complex contracts, and ensure compliance of all contractual obligations from all parties. 

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Our business lawyers regularly help clients across multiple industries understand the ins and outs of their existing contracts.  

With our routine representation of small businesses in drafting, reviewing and negotiating their commercial contracts, we are well-positioned to understand and offer advice on your commercial contracts. ​

Our Transactions & Contract Services Include:

Contract Review

If you are ever presented with a contract, it is important to have a legal set of eyes review it. Our business lawyers have reviewed countless agreements and have advised many small businesses on the benefits and risks of the contract before them. 

We regularly review commercial contracts and advise small businesses on: 

  • Their duties and obligations under the contract terms. 

  • "Who Owns What" in regard to product development, customization and manufacturing. 

  • The major areas of liability exposure & how to mitigate them. 

  • Payment and nonpayment terms.  

  • How, when and where disputes are handled. 

Contract Drafting

Small businesses have multiple relationships – all with their own set of rules, expectations and goals. A small business has a relationship with its customer, its website visitors, its vendors, its work force and its strategic partners, among others. ​

We regularly draft contracts for each of your small business' relationships, including: 

  • Master Service Agreements 

  • Manufacturing Agreements 

  • Statements of Work 

  • Service Level Agreements 

  • Confidentiality Agreements 

  • NDAs and Restrictive Covenant Agreements 

  • Employment and Independent Contractor Agreements 

  • Vendor Agreements 

  • Intellectual Property License Agreements 

  • SaaS Agreements 

  • Software License Agreements

  • End User License Agreements

  • Terms of Service 

  • Privacy Policies 

  • DMCA Policies and Take Down Procedures 

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