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"When you create something that you are proud of, it deserves more than a pat on the back. It deserves to be protected." 

Brands stand out because of the creativity behind them and their products. Often times this creativity can enjoy some incredible protection through Federal Copyright Laws. ​

We take the protection of brands extremely seriously at The Reel Law Firm. We take it equally as serious when someone falsely accuses our clients of copyright infringement. 

When might you need this service? 

  • If you are an e-commerce brand that designs its own product line.

  • If you are an artist or photographer and you want to make sure no one rips off your photos and uses them unlawfully.

  • If you are accused of copyright infringement (i.e. received a complaint or Cease & Desist)

  • If you have seen someone ripping off your designs or other creative works.

  • If you want to protect the knowledge you share with others (i.e. training manuals, seminars, presentations, etc.).

Our clients are big and small businesses alike. Trust our business lawyers to help you with your business's legal needs. 

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